Valuations of financial instruments

Valuations of financial instruments

Client needs

  • Obtain an independent valuation of complex financial instruments and/or options

Our strengths

  • Internal expertise in modelling and valuations (Black & Scholes, binomial, Monte Carlo methods etc.)
  • A team with cross-functional skills, allowing them to understand and model the financial instrument as effectively as possible (performance conditions, valuation of an unlisted underlying asset, volatility calculations etc.)

Solutions / services

  • Valuation of instruments capable of giving access to the capital, especially in relation to the introduction of employee profit-sharing or incentive plans (options, equity warrants etc.)
  • Valuation of financial instruments that are the subject of a public offer
  • Determination of the fair value of financial instruments in accordance with IFRSs

Approach / methodology

  • Identification of the most appropriate valuation approach given the financial instrument's characteristics
  • Identification of key parameters and modelling
  • Valuation work and checks on the consistency of the result

Sample assignments

  • Valuation of options subject to performance conditions granted to management as part of an LBO
  • Measurement of the fair value of stock options granted to the managers of a listed company in accordance with IFRSs
  • Valuation of warrants issued by GFI Informatique and subject to a public offer initiated by Manai Corp. as part of an assessment of whether the offer was fair