Information systems

Information systems

Client needs

  • Gain a clear and complete view of the process for preparing financial and management data, and effective support in order to optimise data quality by being proficient in all transactions and operations that they undergo.

Our strengths

  • Dedicated team
  • Capabilities spanning both financial audits and IT
  • Highly experienced and multidisciplinary teams
  • Substantial experience in supporting IT projects
  • Firm grasp of and integrated approach to business and financial priorities

Solutions / services

  • We support IT projects by providing project owner assistance, working with in-house teams at each phase of the project: defining and stating business requirements, devising functional specifications, organising and co-ordinating testing, defining control processes and tools, supporting the changeover and user training, assisting with the roll-out and providing post-go-live support
  • As regards internal control, we work on making existing systems more reliable, mapping the applications that provide input for accounting and management systems, highlighting data flows and existing technical and functional controls, reviewing the general internal IT control framework, and making recommendations and action plans to enhance the quality and security of data

Approach / methodology

  • Methodological adjustments based on the context and identified issues, taking into account the organisation and specific challenges of each client
  • Implementation of an integrated and cross-functional approach to optimise the various processes and controls

Sample assignments

  • Support during a change in business management software to safeguard the consistency of processes feeding into the accounting system and the correct intake of management data
  • Support during the overhaul of accounting and financial systems, redefinition of general and analytical charts of accounts and accounting guidelines, definition of settings for the accounting integrator, implementation of accounting reconciliation processes and tools
  • Audits of procedures for managing access rights to sensitive applications that present financial risk, compliance reviews for function separation rules in the various systems, testing, identification of risk areas, and presentation of recommendations