Competition authority assignments

Client needs

  • Implement behavioural or structural remedies promised to competition authorities in relation to a business combination
  • Manage requirements/undertakings relating to state aid in the European Union

Our strengths

  • Finexsi has recognised expertise in representing companies with respect to competition authorities, and has handled various assignments relating to deals that have involved significant structural and behavioural remedies
  • Our team has a diverse range of skills, allowing it to address the economic, legal and financial aspects of competition issues
  • We also have a strong audit culture and experience
  • Finexsi is an independent firm, which allows us to avoid conflicts of interest

Solutions / services

  • Monitoring Trustee approved by competition authorities (Autorité de la Concurrence in France and the European Commission's antitrust unit)
  • Authorised representative for state aid situations
  • Representative tasked with handling checks on behavioural and/or structural remedies
  • Representative tasked with handling asset disposals

Approach / methodology

  • Definition of a custom work schedule as part of commitment controls
  • Preparation of a communication/co-ordination protocol for transactions resulting from commitments made with the team in charge of the project (client, advisors, representative)
  • Co-ordination work with buyers (structural remedies) as part of implementing an authorisation procedure
  • Co-ordinating and presenting the results of our work to the competition authorities through detailed reports

Sample assignment

  • Representative with respect to France's Autorité de la Concurrence and the European Commission in relation to deals in the fields of manufacturing (food, spirits), large-scale retail, tourist residences, oil and retail