Expert opinions/appraisals for court and arbitration proceedings

Expert opinions/appraisals for court and arbitration proceedings

Client needs

  • Resolve the dispute as quickly and effectively as possible (in court or using alternative dispute resolution)
  • Gain financial expertise as part of arbitration proceedings
  • Obtain a financial expert opinion/appraisal for court or arbitration proceedings

Our strengths

  • Independance
  • Experience in providing expert opinions to courts and in alternative dispute resolution
  • Multidisciplinary teams (finance, legal, accounting, etc.)
  • Internal “Disputes” competence centre
  • Lengthy track record
  • Proficiency in audit techniques
  • Ability to network with other areas of expertise

Solutions / services

  • Independent expert witness for court or arbitration proceedings (expert opinion Art. 1592 and 1843-4)
  • Arbitrator with considerable financial expertise

Approach / methodology

  • Pinpointing financial issues and putting them into context through a precise, rigorous analysis of the facts
  • Assessment of responsibilities by analysing liability, of the causal link with the alleged loss, and of the resulting harm in terms of tort, quasi-tort, contractual or quasi-contractual tort
  • Assessment of the estimates and valuations produced by the parties
  • Development of an analytical and synthetic approach to quantifying loss

Sample assignments

  • ICC arbitrator on the definition of an earn-out clause, Paris Mediation and Arbitration Centre (Centre de Médiation et d’Arbitrage de Paris - CMAP) arbitrator on a breach of contract
  • Expert witness for the arbitration tribunal in relation to a dispute over the breach of a 30-year contract, involving competition issues