Economic and financial analysis assignments

Economic and financial analysis assignments

Client needs

  • Obtain analysis to support notifications to the Autorité de la Concurrence
  • Obtain analysis to support competition law proceedings
  • Obtain analysis in relation to a contract renegotiation
  • Obtain accounting and financial analysis to be provided as part of a tax inspection

Our strengths

  • Diverse range of skills, allowing Finexsi teams to address economic, legal and financial issues
  • Our culture and experience in the audit field, along with our financial expertise, complement the work done by traditional economists

Solutions / services

  • Economic, accounting and financial analysis work as part of competition proceedings (abuse of dominant position, predatory pricing etc.)
  • Quantification of harm as part of a referral to a civil court following a decision by a competition authority
  • Analysis of the economics of a contract, comparative analysis of market prices, analysis of production costs

Approach / methodology

  • Economic and financial analysis
    - Preparation of statistical databases and implementation of methods to prepare hypothetical scenarios
    - Documented findings report
  • Quantification of harm
    - Analysis of the causal link between the wrongful acts claimed and the nature of the harm
    - Methodological analysis to quantify the harm based on available economic and accounting information
    - Quantification of identified and proven harm in accordance with standard practice used by expert witnesses

Sample assignments

  • Documentation of harm suffered by a rail operator in relation to anti-competitive practices
  • Quantification of harm suffered by a pharmaceuticals company resulting from abuse of dominant position by a rival in relation to a generic drug
  • Analysis of transactions between large-scale retail chains and franchisees/members
  • Accounting and financial analysis as part of a disputed tax adjustment